Master of Arts in Educational Technology

This master’s degree is built around three themes:

  • Learning theory, 
  • Technology and 
  • Pedagogy. 

Through coursework that weaves together these themes, students are lead to an understanding and skill in using technology to enhance teaching and learning. Using the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards for Teaching (NETST) and a fully online delivery method, candidates develop expertise in a wide array of educational technology tools and teaching strategies. Candidates should possess a teaching credential or a bachelor’s degree and an interest in educational uses of technology.

Unique Features

  • Courses are offered fully online in a cohort model.
  • Most coursework may be completed asynchronously (on the candidate’s time); however, there will be occasional synchronous (live) class sessions in a virtual setting as determined by each instructor.
  • Cohorts develop into powerful learning communities.
  • This is a two year program.

Our Graduates

This degree equips graduates to develop and implement tools in the classroom using technology. Graduates serve as technology leaders in the school or district. They are also qualified to teach at the college level.

Admissions Requirements

  • Application form and fee
  • Orientation interview (meet with program director for education plan)
  • Statement of intent (1-2 pages explaining your goals)
  • Three references (see form below)
  • Official transcript of BA/BS degree
  • Letter of explanation if your GPA is under 2.75
Your admissions counselor may require you review the following documents during your application.

Further Info

Total units: 33

Program information and tuition subject to change.