Vocational Education Credential

This credential is only available to those students who began the program prior to Fall 2010.

This credential is designed for those candidates interested in teaching vocational courses. Coursework is designed to reflect the principles of teacher development and provide learning experiences to prepare the candidate with the appropriate pedagogical practices to teach a specific vocational subject.

Our Graduates

This credential provides the skills and qualifications necessary to teach vocational courses in the subject or subjects named on the credential in grades 12 and below and in classes organized primarily for adults.

Admissions Requirements

  • Five years work experience directly related to the subject area to be named on the credential (one year recency requirement)
  • High school graduation (or equivalent)
  • Fingerprint clearance through Department of Justice
  • CTC Application Form 41-4
  • Processing fees
  • DSE program admissions application
  • Advisement regarding requirements for clear credential
  • Recommendation by DSE program sponsor authorized signatory

Further Info

The following courses meet the teacher preparation course requirements for the vocational education and career technical education (SB52) teaching credentials. The career technical education credential is earned by successfully completing 14 units of coursework in the following areas. Level I courses should be completed prior to Level II courses. Students must have begun this program prior to Fall 2010.

Required Courses
Level I (required for part-time and full-time credentials)
DSE 310 Classroom & Lab Management 1 unit
DSE 311 Computer Technology in the Classroom 1 unit
DSE 315 Curriculum Development 2 units
DSE 320 Evaluation 2 units
DSE 330 Learning & Instruction 2 units
Level II (required for full-time credentials)
DSE 345 Curriculum Development & Evaluation 2 units
DSE 350 Foundations of Vocational Education 1 unit
DSE 355 Learning, Instruction & Classroom Management 2 unit
DSE 360 Special Needs 1 unit

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