Teacher Education Program

The teacher education program offers credential programs to candidates interested in teaching general education in the elementary and middle school classroom (multiple subjects) and specific subjects at the middle school and high school levels (single subject) as well as a combining either of these credentials with a master's degree in education. The courses are solidly grounded in both theory and practice and have been designed to provide students with thorough preparation to teach in multilingual, multicultural communities. This program is accredited by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CCTC) and recognized by private schools, as well.

Further Info

Scholarship Application Process:

Private Donor scholarships established for School of Education student. In order to apply, you must be admitted into the program. The application will be sent to Faculty for their recommendations.

Application Deadlines:

July 15 (for fall semester)
November 15 (for spring semester)
March 15 (for summer semester)