Personalized Certificate

Conflict is complex, often shifting dynamics as personalities and environments change. To meet special interests and needs, FPU offers the personalized certificate in peacemaking and conflict studies. In consultation with the peacemaking and conflict studies program director and faculty, a student may design a personalized program that fits his or her personal and professional goals.

Unique Features

  • Tailored to meet specific needs and goals
  • Opportunity to combine interests from other PACS certificates
  • Faculty are knowledgeable and experienced

Our Graduates

The personalized certificate offers customization to fit a wide variety of professional and ministerial needs; thus, the opportunities inspired by this certificate are virtually limitless.

When can I start?

Courses are in the semester format, beginning in the fall (August), spring (January) and summer (May).

Admissions Requirements

  • Application form and fee
  • Orientation interview (meet with program director for education plan)
  • Statement of intent (1-2 pages explaining your goals)
  • Three references (see form below)
  • Writing sample (copy of a recent paper you have submitted for a class or read an article related to your program of interest and give an analysis of it)
  • Official transcript of BA/BS degree
  • Letter of explanation if your GPA is under 2.75
Your admissions counselor may require you review the following documents during your application.

Further Info

Total Units: 15

Students design a personalized program in consultation with the peacemaking and conflict studies program director and faculty. Courses are selected from other peacemaking certificate programs. Final approval of the proposed program is required by the conflict management and peacemaking program director.

Program information and tuition subject to change.


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